Mission statement & philosophy


Whitestone Academy will inspire personal growth and social responsibility, and develop a global perspective on cultural, political, and environmental issues, preparing students with the knowledge to pursue further study at colleges and universities.

We are committed to an educational mission that enables our students to learn on a daily basis in a nurturing and disciplined environment. As we strive towards excellence, students will develop spiritually, academically, emotionally, socially, and physically, while challenging them to develop all of their given talents and to use those talents in service to their community and to others. Graduates of the Whitestone Academy understand the value of life-long learning and will continue to develop as a leader who is academically excellent, open to growth, caring, and above all, prepared for their future endeavors.


Our Community: Whitestone Academy is a boarding and day school dedicated to fostering a diverse and multi-talented student body. We challenge each other to work and rework in pursuit of excellence each and every day.

Our Program: Whitestone Academy affords the best of a liberal arts education while cultivating entrepreneurial spirit in our students. We promote active inquiry and problem-solving, making education relevant and exportable to a future we cannot predict.

Our Students: Whitestone Academy’s students embrace global citizenship. Our students join together from different countries, races, socio-economic backgrounds, religions, sexual orientations, gender identities, and world views to be the heart of campus life.

Our Faculty: Whitestone Academy’s faculty meet students where they are. Our faculty members are collectively accomplished in academics, athletics, and the arts, with a desire for continuing education and a passion for mentoring students.

Our Campus: Whitestone Academy provides a range of opportunities for students to explore their interests and the world around them. We are an inviting, safe home that nurtures a sense of curiosity, physical well-being, and belonging.

Our Motto: Small School. Big Family.