welcome from the principal



I am elated to welcome you to the Whitestone Academy. It all begins with our well-deserved reputation and with staff members that are dedicated to serving the needs of all of our children in improving student achievement.

We are dedicated to the vision that all students are entitled to the highest quality of education. It is our job to create goals and standards to meet the needs of our students to strive in achieving success.

Our school community comes from many Nations and we celebrate our diversity through exploring each other’s culture and engaging in each other’s festivals. We seek to develop our children’s natural curiosity by actively helping them to acquire the skills of inquiry and research. In this way we support them in becoming independent learners; learners who are motivated, able to make their own decisions and to follow through their own questions and paths of interest.

Within our children we seek to develop strong personal qualities such as integrity, honesty, open-mindedness, respect, compassion and empathy. We explore and expand upon these qualities through class circle times, assemblies, our charity work and relevant aspects of our curriculum. We also encourage our children to take informed risks and to approach unfamiliar situations with confidence.

As a community focused on learning we seek to develop the whole child and we believe children’s emotional, social, academic and physical needs are equally great. We strive to create a culture where children are proud to be learners and understand the importance of review and reflection in the process of continual improvement.

As a school we greatly value the role parents play in their children’s education and we encourage parental support and involvement in many of our day to day activities and events.

With your help, with our dedicated staff we can meet our goal of a quality education and admittance to top United States Universities are easily achievable.

Francis Ottaviano, Principal